Jamestown Post Journal August 17, 1946

1946 Panther Attack

Fear and panic gripped the residents of rural Chautauqua County during the summer of 1946. Over a dozen documented sightings of two large Panthers/Cougars, roaming within an area of less than 10 miles, culminated into an attack of a young boy on August 14, 1946 in Busti, New York. Little did the residents of the […]

History Mystery

Roanoke Island, NC

Taking into account the unfamiliar territory and the unknown reaction of the native people to English settlement on nearby land it would seem that the Roanoke Island settlement was doomed from the start.  So why has this story persisted over the years as one of the most intriguing disappearances of American history? In 1584 the […]

Eilean Mor Lighthouse

Over the years lighthouses have served the purpose of keeping those at sea safe from crashing against rocky outcroppings or running aground when approaching land.  In recent time the lighthouse has gone the way of the great sailing vessels of yesterday.  Now with the advent of GPS and radar the lighthouse has very little use but […]

Ghost Stories

Ames Department Store

Reader Submission Hello, you have a very interested ad. I thought I’d mention that I was employed by Ames Department Stores between 1994-97 as a department manager at the old Fluvanna Avenue location. One day around 1995, with much time passed without ever an experience, I was doing planograms (shelf layouts) in the lamps/housewares department. […]

Cattaraugus County

Reader Submission Here are a couple of stories that I know about. Hope they will be helpful to you. Let me know. Thanks. This happened in Cattaraugus County. But first here is a little history of the family who lived here. Three members of this family died in strange ways. The father, he was putting hay […]

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Black Panther

Over the next several weeks, Chautauqua Ghost will be featuring a three part series about the Black Panthers of Chautauqua County:  Past and Present.  Find out the folktale that originated from the actual event that spurred over 67 years of sightings of this predator. Read original 1940’s -2013 newspaper articles, interviews from eyewitnesses, photographs of […]


The Ghost Cattle of Camp Onyahasa

In 1942, three young teenage boys were excited to be camping at Camp Onyahsa. Little did they know that this would be an experience that would have a lifetime effect upon them. Camp Onyahsa is located on Lake Chautauqua in Dewittville, NY and is one of the oldest summer camps in the country. The boys participated in a number of activities […]

James Prendergast Home

Reader Submission August 4th 2010 I lived in the house that  James Prendergast once owned  and every night he would appear he liked knocking pictures off the wall and open my kitchen cupboards.