1946 Panther Attack

Jamestown Post Journal August 17, 1946

Fear and panic gripped the residents of rural Chautauqua County during the summer of 1946. Over a dozen documented sightings of two large Panthers/Cougars, roaming within an area of less than 10 miles, culminated into an attack of a young boy on August 14, 1946 in Busti, New York. Little did the … [Read more...]

Black Panther


Over the next several weeks, Chautauqua Ghost will be featuring a three part series about the Black Panthers of Chautauqua County:  Past and Present.  Find out the folktale that originated from the actual event that spurred over 67 years of sightings of this predator. Read original 1940’s -2013 … [Read more...]

P.T. Barnum’s “Genuine Fake”

Around 1822-famed master of the “Humbug” P.T. Barnum acquired and object of much intrigue from his friend Moses Kimball, then proprietor of the Boston Museum. The object was to be Barnum’s greatest known “Genuine Fake” called the FeJee Mermaid.  This curiosity was purported to be actual proof … [Read more...]

Lady in Glass

Lady in Glass Lakeview Cemetery in Jamestown houses a very unique monument affectionately called the Lady in Glass.  This monument has the name Galloway carved into the granite base, above rests the statue of a woman encased in glass forever memorializing the life and death of Grace Galloway who … [Read more...]

George George

In the rural community of Clymer out in the midst of a vast wood there is a lonely dirt road that cuts its way through dense foliage and swamp called “Pond Road.” Pond Road is nothing more than a dirt path, which is little traveled and forgotten by the local community.  However over the years and … [Read more...]