The Emergence of Spiritualism

Through the ages Spiritualism has been looked down upon as mere pseudoscience, scoffed at by critics, and altogether dismissed as fakery.  All the rage in Europe it did not come into vogue until 1848, not through the intervention of some great illusionist like Houdini but in a small house in … [Read more...]

My Lily Dale Experience

I had made the appointment weeks previous and had waited with anticipation for the day to arrive.  It was funny that I had never been there before since I was so heavily into the stranger aspects of life.  Lily Dale, merely ten miles outside of Jamestown was a place that I had only heard stories of … [Read more...]

The Reading

I sat patiently in the room; across from me sat the medium. There was no sound at all. It is hard to explain how I felt; it was a mixture of excitement and dread at what I would hear. I had heard the typical stories and seen the typical programs that said mediums were a fraud. That they played on … [Read more...]


John Murray Spear and "Harmonia" Amidst our small community in the mid 1800's there arose a community simply called "Harmonia" led by a man named John Murray Spear. John Murray Spear was a part of the great Spiritualist movement that was booming in that day. He was a Universalist Minister from … [Read more...]