Black Panther


Over the next several weeks, Chautauqua Ghost will be featuring a three part series about the Black Panthers of Chautauqua County:  Past and Present.  Find out the folktale that originated from the actual event that spurred over 67 years of sightings of this predator. Read original 1940’s -2013 … [Read more...]

Flight 401

On December 19, 1972 the Eastern Airlines Flight 401 L-1011 jumbo jet crashed in the Florida Everglades killing all 100 passengers and crew aboard.  The Captain Robert Loft and Engineer Dan Repo survived the initial crash but succumbed to their wounds eventually.  Loft while still in the cockpit and … [Read more...]

Eilean Mor Lighthouse

Over the years lighthouses have served the purpose of keeping those at sea safe from crashing against rocky outcroppings or running aground when approaching land.  In recent time the lighthouse has gone the way of the great sailing vessels of yesterday.  Now with the advent of GPS and radar the … [Read more...]

Charles Dickens Beyond the Grave

In his prime Charles Dickens was a man who churned out novel after novel that instantly became classics. At times he would release these in chapters and the avid reader would have to wait for each subsequent chapter to come out. His last book The Mystery of Edwin Drood was released in installments … [Read more...]

Roanoke Island, NC

Taking into account the unfamiliar territory and the unknown reaction of the native people to English settlement on nearby land it would seem that the Roanoke Island settlement was doomed from the start.  So why has this story persisted over the years as one of the most intriguing disappearances of … [Read more...]

Saint Bonaventure University

A Brief History of Saint Bonaventure University It would seem that stories persist on every University campus across the world of ghosts roaming the halls haunting students from generation to generation. It is hard to decipher if these stories are just urban legend masquerading as fact or if a … [Read more...]