The Ghost Cattle of Camp Onyahasa


In 1942, three young teenage boys were excited to be camping at Camp Onyahsa. Little did they know that this would be an experience that would have a lifetime effect upon them. Camp Onyahsa is located on Lake Chautauqua in Dewittville, NY and is one of the oldest summer camps in the country. The … [Read more...]

Fenton Historical Society

Reader Submission March 3, 2010 Ok everyone who grew up in Jamestown has been to or at least heard of the Fenton Museum in Jamestown. It sits on a dark hill and one of the oldest and most historical sites of the town. Many mysteries come from there. Such as the wife and daughter of Mister Fenton … [Read more...]

McClurg Mansion

Reader Submission 10/30/2010 My friend and I were looking for something to do while walking around Westfield. It was raining, and we gradually found ourselves in the McClurg Mansion. We took a tour of the building (it was only my friend, the guide and myself), as we were walking through the second … [Read more...]

Ellington Ghost Carriage

If you have ever been to Ellington, New York you would know that the quaint little town, sitting around a well manicured square, harkens back to a time when small towns were everything.  The local restaurant, garage, library and beautiful old houses are monuments to times past.  Everyone knows one … [Read more...]

The Kennedy Peddler

The Unexpected Disappearance of the Peddler It is well known that in the days of the blooming rural communities there was not much of a source from where the settlers could purchase necessities. The basics were available maybe miles away and would take the day to travel into town to just shop. At … [Read more...]

Hollenbeck Cemetery

Just outside of the city of Jamestown is a small cemetery in which rests about twenty-five graves. There is nothing great or even remarkable about this final resting place last used about 1890. It has sat for over a hundred years watching time pass and along the way certain stories have cropped … [Read more...]

The Ghosts of Deveruex Hall

Sitting silently and morose, abandoned for years atop the Devereux Hall dormitory is the fifth floor. Better known by the student body as “Fifth Dev” this portion of the building has always circulated rumors.  Chief among them is the story of a black mass being performed by three students who became … [Read more...]

Children and Ghosts

I remember when I was a child, but only slightly, that I had an imaginary friend oddly enough called Casper. It was not until I started writing this book and creating this web site that my family reminded me that I used to play for hours with my friend. Specifically, I had an old record player made … [Read more...]