The Investigation Part 2

Once you have your equipment in hand and location picked out it is time for you to begin your investigation.  Of course you have to have a plan of action.  Many people have very different ways of going about finding out if there is activity in the site and it all depends on what you have in mind and … [Read more...]

The Investigation (Part 1)

The team that you hunt with is one of your most useful tools on an investigation.  They are the ones that gather the evidence and then interpret the results.  The solid group is the way to accurate results.  But how do you select a team?  Odds are if they are willing to go on a ghost hunt in the … [Read more...]

What is Ghost?

Why do they haunt us? What do they want as they wander through our homes and across our land as the light fades and the moonlights seeps through our windows? Ghosts have been with us since man began to ponder the meaning of death. They began to wonder what happened to friends and family when they … [Read more...]


The modern form of ghost hunting has everything to do with the equipment that you use.  Over the years technology has been adapted to allow the intrepid ghost hunter to interact with the environment in hopes that some proof could be obtained for the existence of life after death.  In the past such … [Read more...]

What is an EVP?

EVP is a recognized source of proof that spirits walk among us. But what is it? In the simplest way I can say EVP is the dead talking to us. Scientifically, EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon has been picking up speed as a solid source for spirit confirmation over the years. How it works no one can … [Read more...]


Now that you have all the equipment you need and you feel comfortable with their use your next step is to locate a place to hunt for your ghosts.  Sounds easier than it is. Ghosts are all around us but if you set up your recorder anywhere will you pick up and EVP?  How about an orb?  The answer is … [Read more...]