The Reading

I sat patiently in the room; across from me sat the medium.  There was no sound at all.  It is hard to explain how I felt; it was a mixture of excitement and dread at what I would hear.  I had heard the typical stories and seen the typical programs that said mediums were a fraud.  That they played … [Read more...]

Guernsey Hollow Cemetery Report

Participants: Bruce Gleason, Jim Neal, Todd Pitts, Trevor Pitts, Stacey Crosscut Arrival: Checked equipment Assigned equipment: Bruce Gleason- Movie camera and flashlight Jim Neal- ELF and Disposable camera (No Flash) Todd Pitts- Tape Recorder w/ external microphone Trevor Pitts- Clipboard, … [Read more...]

Ghost Hunt at Local Business

Just a few miles from my own home and overlooking Chautauqua Lake stands a building high atop a hill shaded by a row of trees. Set back away from Route 394 it has sat for many years watching all those that pass by. A converted farmhouse from the late 1700’s the structure seems sound even after all … [Read more...]