1946 Panther Attack

Jamestown Post Journal August 17, 1946

Fear and panic gripped the residents of rural Chautauqua County during the summer of 1946. Over a dozen documented sightings of two large Panthers/Cougars, roaming within an area of less than 10 miles, culminated into an attack of a young boy on August 14, 1946 in Busti, New York. Little did the … [Read more...]

Chadakoin Monster


It was no coincidence that Jamestown sprung up along the banks of the Chadakoin River. It was a decision made by James Prendergast when he first laid his eyes on the land that he decided to purchase so that he could create the city that now bears his name. Ideal for lumbering the Chadakoin first … [Read more...]

The Skraelingr

There is mention in a few books that I have looked through, namely The Myths of the North American Indians by Lewis Spence, of a race of small people living in the eastern portion of North America prior to the arrival of the Naïve American tribes. The first mention of these pygmy men is from Norse … [Read more...]

The Mead Road Bigfoot

Awhile back when Chautauqua Ghosts was first started I received a few submissions from local people and trying to preserve them seemed easy enough.  Instead digital records degraded and the hard copies seemed to not connect. This story was submitted to me back in 2001 and concerns the sighting of a … [Read more...]