Interview with Rebecca Rosen

“If you look at them [mourning customs, epitaphs, and motifs] with 20th century eyes you will miss [the meaning]. You’ve got to understand what the world was actually like, what it was like living in this area, at that time.” Rebecca Jo Rosen, September 2011 In late September 2011 I was able to sit … [Read more...]

Hollenbeck Cemetery

Just outside of the city of Jamestown is a small cemetery in which rests about twenty-five graves. There is nothing great or even remarkable about this final resting place last used about 1890. It has sat for over a hundred years watching time pass and along the way certain stories have cropped … [Read more...]

Guernsey Hollow

Tucked away within a copse of trees off a dusty road in the town of Southvalley is a small cemetery known all around as a place where spirits reside. It is said that the Old Catholic cemetery is populated with the spirits that are buried there. What walks there is anyone’s guess but it is said that … [Read more...]

Guernsey Hollow Cemetery Report

Participants: Bruce Gleason, Jim Neal, Todd Pitts, Trevor Pitts, Stacey Crosscut Arrival: Checked equipment Assigned equipment: Bruce Gleason- Movie camera and flashlight Jim Neal- ELF and Disposable camera (No Flash) Todd Pitts- Tape Recorder w/ external microphone Trevor Pitts- Clipboard, … [Read more...]